Sunday, 13 December 2015

Too Deep?

This blog is a result of more than thirty years of research. The diversity of the research has plagued me a little. Very often I have covered a huge area to come away with one little relevant snippet for my main project. It has been an enigma as to what to do with all the surplus information, it would be a waste not to share it. First we need to clarify.

Although an eternal pragmatist (see 'Visceral Pragmatism'), there are some things that simply defy explanation or rationale. This gives me a dilemma. Had I not witnessed or been part of certain events I would probably dismiss them for one reason or another. Optical illusions, intoxication of some sort, hallucinations maybe due to fear or stress, even lack of sleep. I've looked for every possible way to dismiss my experiences and individually I could tenuously critique most. The problem is when there are witnesses.

In each case I knew something odd had occurred. Ever the sceptic I sought verification without volunteering information. Another problem is the frequency of these events. Just one or two over a few decades could possibly be dismissed, but it can no longer be coincidence when happening on a regular basis.

I'm not really interested in the answers to life, the universe, and everything, I've pretty much sorted it out in my own mind. The problem is that my hypotheses find me at odds with almost everyone. Science, religion, atheism, alien theorists, there is no group I can identify with, they are all getting it wrong my opinion.

I suppose I can understand it a little. People stick rigidly to their own belief because to admit flaws is to open up cracks and weaken the structure. This inflexibility promotes a tunnel-vision that will ignore hard evidence, even when slapped in the face with it. It isn't uncommon by any means and I began my quest for truth along a strict scientific path. Thankfully I already had a religious background so I was well-informed about Christianity.

It might surprise some to hear 'thankfully' but despite my views on the possibility of a creator, my church experience - and that of all my friends - was very positive. The only thing for me was it just didn't make any sense. I left the Catholic school at 11 and found myself in a more scientific environment, or at least one where religion was pretty much ignored.

My experiences of Catholic priests gave me a tremendous respect for the work they do. In our community they were counsellors, marriage guidance, youth workers, and much more. It pains me all the bad press they get because of a small minority. Despite this respect, I simply didn't believe in God, and for all the regular arguments quoted verbatim by atheists and scientists.

However, when I first set about trying to prove/disprove the existence of God as a somewhat confused 11 year old, I was determined that personal (dis)belief wouldn't cloud my judgement, and was determined to remain open minded about religion. Even so, I had quickly dismissed creationism for the reasons given in 'The Big Pfft!'. Noah's Ark was next to go, quickly followed by Abraham and Moses. Then Jesus came along and ruined things. Suddenly the big red X's were becoming question marks.
Jesus with attitude                             
I hadn't looked at other religions at this point but I wondered why the Jews killed Jesus for telling people to be nice to each other. The Romans were blamed of course but it seems the reason was the age old 'greed' once again. Corrupt church officials and merchants could see Jesus as a threat, just as in another 500 years or so, Mohammed would be seen as a similar threat by the wealthy.

Without going into it too much detail, I started looking into other religions and mythology, all of them. The oldest 'religious' artefacts go back to pre-history and the first idol was of a pregnant woman. Ironic considering the misogynistic nature of monotheist religions. I dismissed most religions as not being relevant to my research and started to concentrate on the monotheist religions. They were all claiming to have the one and only God, they couldn't all be right.

The next logical step was to use references from scriptures to identify documented figures from whom a time-frame can be established. Jesus was easy 1 AD (there is no '0'). Okay it is a little more complex than that. Some doubt he even existed, I don't, I just have doubts about who he was supposed to be. The thing is dates of his birth can be calculated to around 7 BC (Herod was thought to have died around 4 BC) and conjecture is that the Star of Bethlehem could have been Halley's comet.  Whatever, it's of no real importance, I needed to go back a lot further, about 1450 years to be imprecise. This is where I found Moses but more significantly, I found geology.

As I said I researched all religions and myths to varying degrees. Greek mythology mentioned King Minos whom the Minoans were named for. The Minoans were wiped out by a cataclysm in the Mediterranean around 1450 BC. At first I was worried about the numbers not quite adding up but a few decades discrepancy in geological events over a 3,500 year period is easily acceptable. The eruption would explain the 10 plagues of Egypt as simply being natural phenomena associated with volcanic eruptions. A resulting tsunami could account for Moses parting the waters of the R(e)ed Sea.

[The Conventional Egyptian Chronology have the Thera eruption dated as 1500 BC, but dating methods since my research began have indicated the date as being 1650 BC. This could indicate the 1450 BC event may have been a cone collapse rather than another eruption]

I'm not going to go too far into this, but the sudden revelation that some of what I dismissed out of hand could be explained by natural phenomena, gave me a different perspective. If I had been wrong to dismiss Moses, what else could be explained. I traced Abraham back to between 2300-2000 BC and Noah back to between 3200-2800 BC (it gets harder the further back you go). Anyway it's irrelevant, as it turns out the monotheists all have the same God / Allah / Yahweh, they are just killing each other over interpretation. If there is a God I wonder how he would feel about people using his name to commit atrocities.

Working on the no smoke without fire premise, I had to find a basis for this God person. There had to be something in the story. I was then drawn more towards Greek mythology, having previously dismissed it as being even less plausible than monotheism, after a cursory glance. It surprised me a little to find monotheism actually has its roots in the polytheist beliefs of the ancient Greeks. By this time though I had all but dismissed God completely, after all polytheism seemed to be a caricaturisation of Taoism. Science had become my religion again, but there were things going on in my own circumstances I wanted answers for. If there was no God there was definitely something going on. I studied and found myself agreeing in part with Jung, after sketching over Freud (considering much of his work dated or flawed in today's climate), but my idea of synchronicity and his differ in some ways.

After repeatedly seeing apparitions, I wanted to know what they were. I didn't believe in ghosts but couldn't totally dismiss them, I saw what I saw, I just couldn't say what it was. It was apparent that everything in the universe is a form of energy, on a molecular level. The only way I can account for these apparitions is that they are simply energy residue, shadow energy waiting to manifest itself elsewhere. I am sceptical of psychic mediums, despite my being seemingly sensitive to this energy form, I have never been able to communicate with one and certainly cannot summon them at will.

The possibility of life elsewhere in the universe was never really a doubt in my mind. The possibility of them finding us I thought very remote, but not impossible. One scenario I could imagine though would be evacuees from an ELE on their own planet. Distance would seem to preclude any exploratory venture, even at travel close to the speed of light. The evacuees would for generations live and breed in space. Initially I dismissed other worldly visitors on those grounds but later revised my opinion ....a little.

There is some plausibility to the regular depiction of a grey alien, I would imagine a hominid species evolving in space to look similar. Then I looked at other possibilities. What if the extra-terrestrials were actually from Earth and it was here they evacuated. If they did why haven't we found archaeological evidence, fossilised remains, or building structures. Surely there would be some evidence if they were that far evolved they could evacuate the planet. Not necessarily.

Tectonic plate movement recycles the Earth. The Himalayas, Andes, and other mountain ranges around the world were once on the sea-bed. Half a billion years ago the Earth just had a single land mass. A comet must have smashed into it, splintering the crust and sending these fractured plates around the globe, Geologists seem to think tectonic plate movement is very slow and currently it is. I believe however that a sizeable impact would hugely accelerate the motion.

The more I thought about extra-terrestrials the more plausible it became. It would explain so many things yet would provide as many questions as answers. I found myself asking the questions, and unlike with some instances of science and religion, I could provide answers.
  • Why didn't they live among us? No tolerance to sunlight/bacteria after evolving in space
  • Where are they now? Up there watching and looking pretty sheepish is my guess
  • Why genetically modify Neanderthals? To provide a workforce
  • Why did Neanderthals die out? They didn't, neotenic genes were stronger
  • What went wrong? Difference in brain structure, evolution has no short-cuts
  • Is there a God? No, there's just someone like you but a lot smarter
  • Is there an afterlife? Not as such but energy never dies so there is a case for reincarnation
  • What is the meaning to life, the universe and everything? There ain't one!
As ever this is just a blog-post sized article. Much of what is discussed here is given a fuller account in my 'Redefining Atlantis' blog.