Thursday, 7 September 2017

Respectable Terrorists

The Middle East is the cradle of war. Some refer to it as the cradle of civilisation, same horse different jockey. There is no mystery nor plausible denial of this fact. This article is written on the base of extensive research committed to memory. I'm not going to re-research every statement here so if there are any inaccuracies I would be keen to hear what they are.

I don't know if there is / was a God or not, I tend to think there was but he / she / it was most likely of extra-terrestrial origin. Ignore the God aspect for a moment, the original cause of war was agriculture. Humans are by nature nomadic hunter-gatherers, agriculture rendered the necessity to migrate obsolete. We could point to God and Satan in disagreement over just how much knowledge to impart on a bunch of psychotic primates. Was God a killjoy for not allowing Adam to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge (an obvious metaphor) and Satan the good guy for wanting us to have it? Similar to Prometheus and fire. Or did God suspect giving monkeys knowledge would always end in disaster?

Doesn't really matter unless you are religious. The implications for religious folk is that God didn't want us to have knowledge and any use of technology is ultimately sinful so you are all going to burn in the fires of hell. For the slightly more rational, genetically modifying Neanderthals and ergo interfering with the natural process of evolution, was also a very bad idea. The Greek Gods often made reference to the Gods not interfering in the affairs of the mortals, probably as a result of seeing how their initial interference backfired. For everyone else, wtf are you doing even reading this crap?

Of course agriculture wasn't the real problem, it was a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. I have worked on farms briefly and one of the things I quickly learnt was about crop rotation. If you plant the same crops year after year they take certain nutrients from the soil peculiar to that crop. In 5 years you end up with a famine. The solution is to rotate crops that take different nutrients allowing the depleted ones to recover. No doubt when agriculture was first used the ancients didn't have this knowledge.

Mesopotamia saw the first city states. Manpower was needed to plant and harvest crops, populations in settlements grew until a village became a city. No problem. Until that is, the crops failed. Suddenly you have starvation and on a large scale. So what do you do? Ask a neighbouring city to feed you? How then would they feed their own citizens? It doesn't take a genius to predict a sequence of events (for more click on the Agnostic Bible label). So now we know where and why war began, why has it never abated?

I believe this epoch triggered a survival instinct within our species which was at the time quite understandable. However this survival instinct has evolved over the millennia and now it manifests itself purely as greed. The transition is recognisable throughout history yet nobody has ever sought a solution. The rich get richer and the poor (quite rightly so) get more pissed off. Throughout history we have had revolutions to try and redress the balance but greed and corruption float to the top like turds in a toilet bowl.

Terrorism is merely a byproduct.of the poor getting pissed off and being manipulated by the wannabe greedy. You can get rid of Daesh or Al-Qaeda but until you get rid of poverty and greed, it will rear its ugly head again in some other manifestation. Our governments need to tax the billionaires and mega-companies and put a stop to all this once and for all. How did these corporations become so powerful anyway? Simple, they exploited and raped the land they inhabit and ergo the people too.

Politics needs to evolve or we will always have low-life criminals with nothing to lose committing atrocities in the name of whatever group is currently pissed off about being exploited. I don't believe religion is the cause of the world's problems but it sure as shit complicates things. If the money spent on counter-terrorism was spent on housing and social care, governments wouldn't need counter-terrorism.

For as much as I deplore terrorism and the atrocities committed by these scum, I still cast a disapproving eye at world leaders. Dim Wrong Un who needs to start a war to enable the North Korean economy to recover is just another terrorist of sorts. Another pissed off that his country is stone broke because of the money it wastes rattling sabres. Trump.... well let's not even go there. Theresa May and the rest of the Tories are self-serving lying hypocrites..... in my opinion. Putin I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw a concrete elephant yet in all this is almost the good guy.

I could probably have a pop at a lot of them. Just think what all the headlines would be about if there was no war in the Middle East. Social deprivation, unemployment, health, welfare, etc. etc. The politicians must be thanking their lucky stars the other terrorists are making all the headlines.

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