Thursday, 7 September 2017

Political Allegiance

Seeing the constant furore on social media about lib-tards, white-supremacists, socialists, capitalists, and all manner of other -tards and -ists, I wonder what category do I fall into. My upbringing would suggest socialist or even borderline communist. Neither are true. I have equal disdain for all forms of government in their current manifestations. They are all flawed and need to evolve. Politicians need a novel approach, one whereby they tell the truth without intending to deceive or mislead.

Communism would appear to be the ideal but as George Orwell put it 'some animals are more equal than others. I'm not even sure what socialism is, everybody seems to have their own perception but it smacks of diluted communism designed to less offend American sensibilities. So what else is there? Democracy? I fail to see anything democratic about democracy, especially when opinion is so divided. Majority rule and minorities suffer as there is no compromise, you simply win or lose.

A further nail in the coffin of democracy is the stunts politicians pull to give themselves an edge. Thatcher started a war on one occasion and moved constituency boundaries on another. There wasn't even a charade of fair play. Trump and May are both in power despite the majority of the people voting against them. I do hate capitalism and exploitation used to maximise profits for one or two fat cats whilst employees have to take second jobs or work all the hours God sends in order to eke out a living. Governments won't tax these parasitic leeches that rape the resources of the nation, who else will pay for their campaigns.

Prostitution is a far more reputable occupation than politics. You must have to be some kind of arrogant selfish maggot to be a politician. That or some bleeding-heart ne'er do well because they have a conscious in an amoral career path. Yeah, as you can see, I'm not a great fan. It confuses some people because I will seemingly side with them in denigrating the opposition but then give their candidate similar treatment. The arrogant petulance of Trump would be hilarious if our politicians weren't just as childish and up their own backsides.

Seeing the behaviour of politicians in the House of Commons reminds me of playground bullies. The schoolboy jeers and cat-calling is a disgrace. And what the hell is this filibustering all about. I saw an example where a Tory politician just kept talking nonsense in order prevent a speaker proposing amendments to a health bill. It was obvious what he was doing why was it allowed. I'd have punched him in the mouth.

In the main politicians are - in my opinion - self-serving rodents who don't give a screaming shit about Joe Public just as long as they further their careers and exploit the loopholes in legislation. So back to the question in hand, what is my political allegiance? Ask me again when voting isn't just a matter of picking the lesser of evils.

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