Wednesday, 6 September 2017


I think we all know by now my brain is a little dysfunctional. It's a little difficult to assess just how that makes it different from one that is undamaged because it happened when young and I am unable to access the minds of others to draw comparisons. In spite of all the clues it was only recently I came to accept the fact my brain processes things slightly differently to others. It is most likely just a re-routing to bypass damaged areas. In general however, it usually ends up at the same conclusion only there is a slightly different perspective.

One thing I only recently discovered but suspected for a long time, is an accelerated thought process. The average brain processes between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute, mine is a lot faster. It sounds like an asset more than a drawback, and in many ways it is. Unfortunately it has its downside as well. My 'Rambling' is perhaps a big drawback where writing is concerned. Even now this post was to inform of sites and blogs opening but as usual I find myself down another path.

The intended point is that there is so much going on in my head it is very difficult to prioritise. Things are coming together quite rapidly now but with such a diverse range of interests and projects, I find it difficult to target an audience. My original thoughts was just to put everything down in the same place but what may interest some will no doubt bore the pants off others. For this reason I have pigeon-holed things so potential viewers can look at what they may find interesting whilst avoid the rest of my madness.

Current Status of sites/blogs


  • Totally JP - The official website is merely the 'hub'. Some of the blogs will become for subscribers only (free subscription) as there are several works in progress and some posts may contain adult themes and be liable to age restriction. Coming soon.
  • I Magentalist - is the site specifically for magic, mentalism, and cartomancy. Subscribers will have access to an exclusive blog for reviews, demonstrations, and tips (limited number of invitations available). Open but still under construction.


  • Deep End - Open again as you see, I have reverted everything back to draft and will re-post en masse all previously posted content relevant to this blog. Those who were following 'Alphatravel' will now find it in 'Writing for Posterity' in a slightly different format.
  • Writing for Posterity - This is my biographical blog that tells the whole story of my life in several segments. Some quite dark and harrowing, others comedic and often a little bizarre. The new home for 'Alphatravel' under labels 'Salad Days' and 'Wanderlust'.
  • Redefining Atlantis - This blog is the result of decades of research in which I take a rather different view of the Legend of Atlantis. Currently in limbo due to some new evidence which means a tweaking of my proposed chronology is necessary. Soon to resume.
  • Tarot as it should be - is a spin-off blog from the 'I Magentalist' website. It is a serialised step-by-step guide to Cartomancy. I dispel some of the myths surrounding the art which I regard as a science. Synchronicity is at work not spirits.
All these are still very much under construction and block posting may occur on any or all without prior notice

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