Monday, 14 August 2017

Do We Give A Damn?

An Alien Perspective

Why should we give a damn? It is difficult to make a case for mankind in light of thousands of years of barbarianism. Whether the aggressors hide behind the guise of religion, territorial dispute, or sun exposure based pigmentation grouping, there is no doubt current ape-descendants like yourselves do not deserve our help.

Okay, I admit we have a certain soft spot for you after all our interference - albeit with the best intentions - so a certain amount of tolerance is due.

When we gave you the technological advances enabling you to use fossil fuels it was as a stop-gap to enable you to develop other more sustainable energy. We never thought for a moment you would feel the need to completely exhaust the fossil fuel reserves. You have water and wind, not to mention that huge ball of fire in the sky whose power you can now harness on a basic level. Fossil fuels won't last forever and are poisoning the air that you breathe but you continue to use them at an alarming rate. It seems you prefer to amass the shiny yellow metal to living long and healthy lives. Apart from all that it is the fossil fuels that are causing such worldwide unrest!

Stop using fossil fuels!

So what is the alternative? Wind-farms? Hydropower? Geo-thermal Energy? Solar Energy? All possible but unlikely due to your ineptitude at grasping a few basic concepts and the corrupt oil and arms companies that feed off this human misery by stifling any threat to their industry.

Electro-magnetic Energy, as we're so knowledgeably told by the bleeding hearts and artists, causes Leukaemia and Lymphoma among other things.

This is indeed the case!

What they have failed to take into account is that you monkey-men are evolving all the time and whilst there will be casualties you will, in a few generations, be impervious to what is currently deemed harmful in electro-magnetic radiation. So do we give a damn? In the short-term, no, but we are currently in talks with the dolphins as to the fate of Earth once you monkeys have all killed each other.

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