Saturday, 10 June 2017

My Fear

I don't actually fear anything, I'm too stupid. Okay that may be a little oversimplified. I smacked my head quite hard. Hard enough to kill me for 37 seconds and put me in a coma for three days. It may or may not have modified the way my brain processes things. In light of past events, all logic would dictate the former is true.

This apparent lack of fear has always made me wonder. I try to avoid situations (fear?) yet if King Kong is being an arsehole I will stand there and tell him to his face. Perhaps I'm just suicidal. I certainly have no fear of death, method of dispatch may be an issue but it's not really a concern, possibly because I've experienced it.

None come close, my fear is dementia and I can feel it happening. Whether I was a nutter or not before my accident isn't really the issue, the problem is that I can feel myself gradually losing the plot. I suppose being reasonably smart and having already experienced death, I have a slight advantage. My problem is trying to get people to take me seriously.

I feel I have a lot to offer but for a limited time only. I'm pretty much a nobody but a lot of people would benefit it they took time to listen to me. The most frustrating thing is I feel I could benefit science, I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and to date am still pretty rational. I know from personal experience how it affected me and am willing to share, even to the point of donating my brain on my demise.

Despite making numerous enquiries, nobody wants my brain....... except perhaps Theresa May but she's really desperate and I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

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