Saturday, 10 June 2017

Inception 1.0

Ancient scriptures are flawed. They are written by primitives for primitives, and always with an agenda. It is very easy to dismiss these scriptures with a scientific mind because they are just so ridiculous. The problem is the clues held within are then ignored with the rest of the nonsense. This is my version of events......

In the beginning there was a Big Bang, a very BIG BANG..... Massive!

Except there wasn't. With nothing for the sound waves to bounce off it turned out to be a rather disappointing pfft. In fairness the light show was quite spectacular though..... and continues to be so. It wasn't the first of course, there were lots before. When the explosive energy eventually weakens and gravity finally has the last say, all the matter in the universe will draw back to a singularity. Then we will have a Big Crunch (or tffp). Shortly after is the next Big Bang, unsoweiter, ad infinitum, etc.

The most recent happened, according to the 'experts', around 13.8billion years ago but it was in fact 12,586,269,025 years ago (give or take 73 years). We as part of the Local Group / Cluster of galaxies are shifting through the void of space at about 1,250,000 mph and if that wasn't enough, we are spinning at over a thousand miles an hour. What a ride!

Dark Matter confuses people but it is merely an invisible wake or distortion within the void. Some Dark Matter hardly moves at all. Scientists will tell you the Universe is expanding with the rate still accelerating but let's face it, they're a weird lot. I won't deny it could be true but I question how they arrive at such 'facts'. They observe the 'redshift' of a supernova which tells us by what the factor the Universe has expanded since the supernova exploded. My contention, simply put, is an explosion within an explosion is not the way to measure the initial explosion.

But I'm not really interested in the mechanics of things, more the human aspect. Anyway, needless to say, you just would not believe the crap this Big Bang thing caused to happen. Our Galaxy formed more or less right away, i.e. within a couple of million years. The Black Hole is a vortex at the centre caused by matter hurtling through the void at a rapid rate of knots. Stars formed as the matter was captured by these vortices and came together, drawn in by the invisible force.

Residue from the star formations was scattered but held within the gravitational field and formed into planets. The lighter gaseous elements were hurled further out, the heavier elements forming the rock planets with the asteroid belt a boundary of sorts. Mars became the first planet to develop life within our solar system but in other galaxies the process had long been underway. A constant bombardment from the asteroid belt eventually lost Mars its atmosphere and by consequence water. It is possible but unlikely that Mars ever evolved mammals. Earth cooled and became the new, bigger, better Mars.

It takes 701,408,733 years for Neanderthal type hominids to evolve (give or take 121,393 years) after each time the Earth is purged of life. Naturally, the evolutionary process takes longer first time around and subsequent ones less, depending on surviving life-forms from the previous cycle. Then of course the occasional random 'rock' can have a similar effect to the cyclic purging but most of the big ones have gone now, although the asteroid belt will always chuck a few out.

For those among you clinging to the belief the Universe was created by some all powerful being, it's quite possible. It's all a matter of scale and we don't really know the 'purpose' of the Universe, if any. The problem is how small and insignificant the Earth is in the grand scheme of things and the fact any creator of the universe would have to be on the outside. What is the likelihood he would bother to communicate with us even if it was feasible. About time we humans stopped with the conceited self-importance thing.

So now we can jump ahead to 2.9 billion years ago when hominids first inhabited the planet. Experts (educated idiots) disagree, but they can no more prove their theories right as prove mine wrong. I quite naturally have a real problem with science, it's all baby steps. Everything seems so obvious yet they choose to ignore it. As a child I had many 'revelations' that were contrary to the general consensus and ignored but as each year passes, more and more things I suggested are slowly becoming credible theories.

Here in the Deep End's 'Agnostic Bible' section these will be discussed in more detail but here are a few examples.....

  • Mammalian life forms were on this planet on at least two occasions prior to the dinosaurs.
  • It takes approximately 700m years for hominids to evolve. 
  • Tectonic plate movement can be very rapid when agitated by forces from within or without.
  • Neanderthals didn't die out, they were genetically modified.
  • The incoming Ice Age despite all the furore about Global Warming
  • Extra-terrestrials most likely originated here on Earth.
  • There are countless 'Goldilocks' planets, Mars was, Earth is, Venus will be.
  • Atlantis was located in the Aegean Sea (see Redefining Atlantis)

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