Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Grey Area

I suppose I'd better explain how I met Idunno. In effect he came to meet me. It was Halloween and a bunch of trick or treaters came to the door. There were an assortment of superheroes, 2 Supermen, 3 Spidermen a Batman and even a ballerina. It was therefore no surprise to see a kid dressed up as an alien. They all took their treats and left, except the kid in the alien suit. He was taller than the rest of the kids and I thought he was looking after them or something. Then he pushed past me and went into the house.

At the time all I could think was how lifelike his costume was. The kid, I assumed it was a lad, he didn't walk like a girl. Come to think of it, he didn't walk like a lad either. It was a gait that suggested he was having a hard time keeping his feet in contact with the floor. He sat down and I was bemused. Just barging his way into my home and plonking his arse down in my chair. There was something odd about him though.

I still wasn't sure if it was some kind of LSD flashback or something, but his outfit looked real enough. I slapped myself and didn't wake up, maybe if I slap-

His mouth didn't move. It started to dawn on me this might not be a prank. It was the sort of thing my friends would do to me because it was exactly the sort of thing I would do to them. I had considered the possibility of meeting an alien one day but now I had one here in front of me it wasn't how I expected. Or is it some kind of elaborate joke. I decided it was time to ask a few questions.

And so it went on. I must say I was a little disappointed. When I finally got to meet an alien I didn't expect it to be such a miserable tosser, and what's with the attitude. It was almost as though he was human or something.......

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