Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Great Fire of London

No, not 1666, not the Blitz, not even this latest tragedy in a high rise block of flats. The Great Fire of London to which I refer does however reflect all three. There is likely to be a conflagration in our capital as our political and economical disruption comes to a head.

The Blitz and IRA bombings were fruitless in trying to break the spirit of the people just as modern terrorist groups will be. Hitler couldn't bomb us into submission and that was when bombing civilians was allowed - under certain guidelines.

The Great Fire of London was a 'when' not an 'if', narrow streets and wooden buildings, a recipe for disaster. As it was 350 years ago I suppose it would be unfair to blame the government for such a disaster. This Grenfell fire leaves a bitter taste in the mouth though. Many things are not reported correctly and I have first hand knowledge of such, most notably the ZeeBrugge ferry incident and the LA riots.

I'm not saying the Grenfell fire has been reported incorrectly, I don't know, I'd never heard of the place before. I just picked up on a couple of things local residents said about it. Like the Herald of Free Enterprise capsizing off ZeeBrugge, much was made of the storeman who forgot to close the doors but nothing was said about the ferries being designed to be able to sail like that - in the weather at the time.

The problem was they used a larger ferry from the France crossing and had to pump ballast into the bow to allow the freight to discharge. Rather than wait to pump the ballast back out they set sail to keep to timetables.

With the LA riots I watched the whole thing from LAX airport and it was all going on outside. Our plane was the last to leave before smoke interfered with visibility. I watched the riot as it began from the very first news helicopter and could see it all unfold. I'm not going to go into things but what I saw didn't look like no protest against police brutality, just like the Tottenham riots the emphasis was on looting.

Grenfell residents were stated as saying the block had just been refurbished but simply to make them look pretty as their well-to-do neighbours couldn't put up with the eye-sore. More than £8 million was spent to clad the building with flammable material?! Okay that sounds too pathetically stupid to be true and I'm hoping it is. However, the way the cladding was added is cited as the reason for the speed of the spread of the fire.

This makes sense to me as I helped rescue a ship that had caught fire. It was uninhabitable through smoke and flames after a minute and a half, and after three minutes it was totally engulfed. The reason for the spread on that occasion was due to the air-conditioning on the ship not working so all the portholes were open. I'm not a scientist and have no knowledge of 'up-drafts(?)' or whatever but when things seem to behave in a similar way it's usually a sign.

Whatever the cause of the rapid spread, there are serious questions that need answering. We have been in so-called austerity since 2010 yet the government and councils squander money on aesthetics rather than safety. This is the reason why terrorists will never break us. Our government has indirectly killed far more of our citizens than they ever will. Do they care......

Now there is a Great Fire in London, and in the rest of the UK. The unfeeling, self-serving governments of the last 40+ years have had their day. At last the Brits are finding a voice and are fed up with all the lies. Now is a time for change and the people won't be hushed this time.

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