Friday, 16 June 2017


"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" - Orwell

I try not to quote others, I like to have my own thoughts. However I am a big fan of George, particularly for his Animal Farm. It is truly unique in my opinion and is top of my list of moralistic tales. The ambiguity used even allows this to be suitable for children. The statement may have been a political one about the Russian Revolution and ensuing Stalinist era, but it applies just as well to life in general.

There is an inequality that is tearing almost every nation apart. I remember getting it into my head as a child there was a working class, a middle class, and an upper class. My age group were all programmed with this information. The working class wanted a larger share of the pie whilst the upper class wanted to share their pie even less. The middle class acted as a sort of buffer between the two. That buffer has gone! We still have three class distinctions though. We have the working class (formerly middle class), the upper class (no change), and the all new abject poverty class.

It feels as though we are fast reaching a tipping point and the ruling classes have only one get out of jail free card left to play. It's let's have a world war time. Traditionally the wealthy have quieted the peasants by sending them off to war at the merest hint of revolution. Not sure we Brits are revolting enough but opinion is divided. Brexit is a huge blow to the wealthy, no more slave labour. Sure we will hit a recession and people will have to tighten their belts but it kind of feels like we've been doing that for a generation anyway.

Our government is in disarray. The leading party is trying to negotiate with the only party still willing to listen to the lies, especially after seeing how the LibDems got their fingers burned with an alliance. The leader has done so many u-turns it is impossible to trust a single word that leaves her mouth. The alternative is only slightly more palatable. The leader of the opposition has some serious question marks about him, no not that 'sympathising with terrorists' nonsense. I just feel if he amended one or two of his views, the leader of the opposition would make a good PM, certainly more so than the buffoon who may take over in the blue corner.

The current government obviously stands against equality. Guaranteeing banker's bonuses, whilst slashing disability benefits, NHS funding, police cuts, etc. etc. I don't know all the current details, they change almost daily. The opposition does look more capable of addressing the redistribution of wealth. Words that strike fear into every profiteer's heart.

It naturally goes to follow that I believe every life is equal. Before you go all acid on me and start spouting about murderers and rapists, they too are equal whoever they are and they should be punished by whatever is deemed fit for all who commit similar crimes. Execute them if their crimes are heinous enough, just make sure you do the same to every transgressor regardless of their position. If a murderer kills lots of people kill him (through the judicial process), just don't treat him any different whether a pauper or a prince. This is the real issue, even legislators and those in power must be held accountable. All too often there is a gross miscarriage of justice when the wealthy are brought to task.

Skin colour isn't an issue, it's just a by-product of sunshine. The unscrupulous will use it as another means of division but people are waking up to the bigots. There is the gay marriage / rights issue and again I can't see a problem. If gay people want to have a recognised civil marriage why object? Surely they have the right to be as miserable as regular marital partners. Some say it is a sin against God but to me that just equates to Santa not coming when he found out what a little shit I'd been.

Another kind of equality is also gender orientated but in a more orthodox way.. I have certain views on male and female gender roles but that's not the issue here. We all know deep down that women have had to adopt more male orientated roles due to the weakness of the males of our species, my concern is the failure to accept females as equals. It sounds crazy but in a lot of societies men still actually think they're better than women.

I suppose you could blame certain cultures, misogynistic world leaders, religions, etc. but it's time people realised males are only half a species. Without the female we are nothing just as they are nothing without us. Get that into your thick skulls and start appreciating women more. As a kid the perceived sexism was quite rife, on tv and in the home, I found it interesting to observe. The men were seemingly the masters of the house, yet the ladies held this mysterious power over them. It was like the men couldn't see how easily they were being manipulated by simply being 'agreed with'. I will do a full article on this in the near future as I found it fascinating and frequently studied adults as a child - thanks in no small part to my grandmother's influence.

In fairness to the men back then, they were all working, often long hours. As you would imagine the gender roles had a very distinct line through them. In the decades that has followed, those lines have blurred, and when things change, attitudes and opinions must change. Unfortunately people find it hard to break away from their early programming.

One thing in particular has to change, our attitudes towards each other. The EU was a spectacular failure, although the bank balances of the wealthy would disagree. It made a small percentage of people very rich indeed as it ate away at the livelihoods of the masses. We need to grow our own produce, farm our own animals, re-kindle lost industries, if people don't want to trade to hell with them as long as we can provide for our own people.

The rationing during the war was experienced by my parents as young children but my grandmother told me the tales of how community spirit was born in the face of adversity. How people pulled together and shared. We saw evidence of this spirit after the problems in Manchester and London. It's still with us, the only 'divide and conquer' is coming from those who are in power. 

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