Monday, 10 December 2018


Life is never short of challenges. The rigours of every day life cause us all manner of stresses and strains......

The sky darkened overhead as the last traces of twilight scurried over the horizon. I sat in calm serenity gazing up into the endless infinity of space. The stars shone like quicksilver scattered carelessly over a black velvet cushion. The crescent moon smiled at me, intensifying the feeling of a celestial benevolence. 

Somewhere in the distance the hoot of an owl disturbed the silent tranquillity.
'Concentrate!' I admonished, for allowing myself to become distracted.

I strained hard, but to no avail.

Mother Nature would not be hurried by a mere mortal. As beads of sweat rolled down my forehead from sheer exertion, swift cumulonimbus clouds gathered overhead, devouring the starlight hungrily. The cheerful smile of the crescent Moon appeared more a grimace as it too became obscured by the ominous clouds.

The sky was illuminated with forked lightning and the accompanying clap of thunder gave me a start. Then a lesser but remarkably similar sound reverberated around the confined space. This sound was music to my ears, but quickly forgotten as a foul stench permeated the air, and wafted uninvited up my nostrils.

The relief at the sudden release of pressure was short lived, as a sudden torrential downpour beat down on me. I looked towards the Heavens again, rain stinging my face mercilessly. I shook my head and made a mental note.
'I really must fix the roof on this outhouse'

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