Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Special

The thought of a 'hung parliament' has always amused me since I was a kid imagining politicians being lined up for the gallows. I think this is the most likely outcome this time. Dismissing the Lib Dems as a potential Tory vote, it just leaves the voter with two options, and neither are pretty.

One the one hand we have 'Liar Liar' who appears to be the love-child of Heath and Thatcher. It's not like I can be sued for saying that because she has been caught out a number of times. She's done more u-turns than a tourist with a dodgy SatNav. Thatcher would be spinning in her grave.... but she of course was not for turning. My deepest mistrust comes from why she called a snap election when only weeks before declared she wouldn't.

The answer of course is her plans for Brexit. Hold the election now and guarantee another 5 years of nest-feathering, or wait until the public sees her Brexit negotiations and be tossed out on her arse in 3 years. It is so transparent. She largely refuses to debate because she knows she will be called out on her lies and proposals for negotiations. That's weak. She has changed her mind on a number of key issues, that shows the instability of her government, yet her key words are 'Stability and Strength'. She clearly has neither.

May told the police to "Stop crying wolf" when they complained about the 20,000 cuts and the potential for disaster. She was Home Secretary and pledged every year since 2010 to reduce the immigration figures to below 100k, instead it more than doubled. She favours fox-hunting and appears to dislike the elderly and disabled. The list goes on.

So what's the alternative? Oh dear, Jeremy Corbyn. My background from a working class family means I will always vote Labour, I see no other choice. That is not to say I'm Jeremy's biggest fan. I really don't feel he is the right man to lead the labour party. Whilst he has been much misquoted and it has been erroneously suggested he sympathises with terrorists, it is his peaceful intent that is somewhat ironically the problem.

It implies he has a naivety and in these troubled times that's not a good thing. So this whole political issue comes down to the same as ever "The lesser of two evils". Simply on form and without any bias due to my background, I see Corbyn as less damaging to the UK than May..... unless of course you are very wealthy. I predict a Conservative win but without a clear majority, but then again I didn't give Trump a cat-in-hell's chance of winning.

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