Saturday, 10 June 2017


The majority of Americans didn't want Trump as President. The majority of Brits didn't want May as Prime Minister. It's not up for debate, these are simply facts. So Trump is POTUS and May is still PM?! I'm afraid I'm a little lost, explain this 'democracy' thing to me again.

I suppose we can blame the ancient Greeks again. Let's face it, they're mostly responsible for just about everything if you believe their critics. Their polytheist religion was the basis for all monotheist religions and we all know how they loved bumming each other. If it wasn't bad enough they then invent this democracy thingy.

Of course we know there are a number of misconceptions (see Redefining Atlantis) and people like to believe the worst but the blame for religion and democracy lies square at the feet of the Greeks. Democracy was was designed to phase out religion as we evolve but something went wrong. Solon was probably the founder of democracy although in his lifetime it didn't really take hold. If we come forward in time a little we get to Socrates and he became the first atheist martyr.

As we all know Socrates was given the death penalty for 'corrupting the youth of Athens'. Some even put a sexual connotation on that but he was actually charged with 'impiety'. His crime was to tell his pupils all this God stuff was nonsense. Those in power knew the value of religion when keeping the masses in check. It had worked for 2,000 years (coincidentally about the time of some bloke called Noah), to abandon it would see anarchy.

It was obvious that if religion was to be phased out, it would have to be done so gradually and through education. Plato took the hint and didn't openly deny religion although it is clear he mirrored the thought of his mentor Socrates. It started to work but the establishment opposition was strong, religion wasn't just a method of control, it was big business too.

Nevertheless, education has gone some way to resolving the problem in some geographical locations but in others where education is sparse, they still cling to antiquated beliefs and methods. The problem now is compounded. Democracy is becoming obsolete too. Like religion it has failed to evolve. The democratic process is getting just about as undemocratic as it can. We live in an infantile dictatorship which will grow stronger if we don't strangle it whilst we can.

Governments try all sorts of dirty tricks to 'cheat' their way into power. Moving constituency boundaries was one of Thatcher's masterstrokes. More recently we have seen from May, they simply mislead or lie. The likes of Trump and May just seem to concentrate on trying to discredit their opposition, it worked for Trump but May shot herself in the foot. In essence if the people are being lied to or misled, it's not democracy when someone gets into power on those promises.

Democracy is as guilty as religion of self-servitude. It's all down to this same old bug-bear..... GREED> Yes, I know, I say it a lot but that's only because people are too willing to attribute world problems to other things. Democracy is not designed to be a financial opportunity for a very small minority. Democracy is the voice of the people to ensure that all the people are looked after and taken care of.

Currently the comfortable and wealthy are pulling all the strings but the resentment is growing and so are the numbers of poor people. I suggest you wealthy people cash your chips and fuck off to your Bahamian retreat because your days are numbered. The time is coming when the people will take back what you and your ancestors stole, extorted, or conned people out of, and they will do it democratically, not for some opportunist cause but because it is the right thing to do.

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