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Deception 2.1

.The Elamites didn't stop at Ur, they were on a mission of conquest and on the death of his father, Abraham now ventured west to flee the advancing army. When Abraham reached the land of the Canaanites he decided he wanted to settle there. The Canaanites weren't too happy about the prospect but a drought in the area provided a solution. Abraham kept moving and headed for Egypt.

The Abraham Enigma

Trying to identify the Pharaoh when Abra(ha)m and Sarai went to Egypt is pretty elusive .... until you use a different reference point. Joseph of technicoloured coat fame, was the grandson of Isaac, son of Abraham. Now I'm not about to detail every item of research I have explored, it is simply not feasible, so suffice to say there is a strong suggestion Senusret II was the Pharaoh at the time of Joseph. He was the fourth king of the 12th Dynasty in Egypt and reigned from 1897-1878 BC.

Working backwards then to Abraham, his Pharaoh was most likely Mentuhotep IV (1997-1991 BC) or even his father and predecessor Mentuhotep III (2010-1998 BC). This reaffirms my speculated date for Abraham - give or take a couple of decades. The chronology isn't really that important so much as the behaviour of Abraham and his wife. The story goes that Abraham made Sarai pose as his sister not wife, so he wouldn't be killed. Some accounts indeed state that Sarai is in fact Abraham's half-sister. It all seems a little odd but I haven't delved that far into ancient Egyptian history and legend to find the connection. There may well be evidence from the Egyptian side but it has little relevance other than as a means of verification for an already accepted deception.

Allowing for the unknowns, the Pharaoh then took Sarai as a wife. Due to this Abraham was given a position of authority and accumulated wealth. I really began to wonder about Abraham's moral compass. When he left Ur and subsequently Haran, it is commonly stated he had no idea where he was going. They settled briefly in Canaan, a land already settled by others, then when the famine struck he and his wife high-tailed it to Egypt.

In Egypt, he lies to find favour with the Pharaoh, even to the extent of handing over his wife so he can accumulate wealth and / or save his own skin. However, Abraham's luck was about to change, the famine and associated plague in Canaan spread to Egypt and the Pharaoh discovered the true relationship between Abraham and Sarai. All the bad luck (famine, plague, etc.) was blamed on the anger of the Gods at this illicit union and the Pharaoh sent them packing ........with all their goods.

I'm not sure how Abraham managed to convince the Pharaoh to allow him to keep all his oxen and slaves, but it must have taken some fast talking. Anyway, Abraham's few years in Egypt proved quite lucrative as those left behind in Canaan starved. He must have arrived back as a conquering hero / saviour with all his wealth and in particular the livestock. Abraham and Lot divided up the land between the cities and their brethren took over most of Canaan,

The Elamites who caused Abraham to flee Ur would now inadvertently cement his legendary status. They continued to advance and their influence spread beyond Mesopotamia and the defeated Sumerians. The Elamites took over Sodom and other cities of the Jordan River area. Lot (Abraham's nephew) was captured during a revolt. It was to be the turning point in the war. Overstretched and battle-worn the Elamites were vulnerable when Abraham sent more than 300 trained servants to rescue Lot. The victory was complete and they routed the Elamites. The fact Abraham had 300 servants rings alarm bells in my mind when considering motives.

Now all this has been explained pretty much without any religious reference (except maybe from an Egyptian perspective). The way events transpired is a natural progression, no divine intervention required. I see no reason to question the fact Abraham was still - at least at this time - a pagan. Although pretty irrelevant right now, in 500 years time this will take on a new significance.

Up until this point, the only thing Abraham lacked was an heir. Sarai was supposedly 'barren' which also points to Mentuhotep IV as Pharaoh since he died childless. During his travels however, Abraham had picked up a servant girl named Hagar.

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