Sunday, 15 January 2017

Oops 2012

No doubt those of you sat outside with beer in hand awaiting the end of the world, will have been disappointed the Mayans got it wrong. Well actually, they didn't! As usual the people who got it wrong are those who misinterpreted the ancients, seems to be a trend. The Mayans got it spot on and the fact they did is what is truly amazing. When assessing the Mayan Calendar we must first take it on face value. It is exactly that, a calendar.

Much was said about it indicating the end of the world because the Mayans are purported to believe the world is destroyed and created within set parameters. Sound familiar? Creationists believe the world began around 4000 BC (it varies considerably between 5500-3700 BC) and of course we know this is nonsense. In defence of the Mayans though, when they spoke of destruction and re-birth they may have meant something else, and that is what their calendar shows.

So I dismissed the 2012 thing long before it didn't happen but it had to mean something. There were three elements to the Mayan 'Clock'. Of the two short term calendars the Haab represented the 365 day solar cycle. The Tzolkin was the divine calendar for religious events but may have agricultural ties as well. However I'm not going to dwell on these here and only use them to show the third calendar must represent something.

In researching the ancients from different epochs and locations, I quickly learnt to read between the lines. Too many people who research these people fail to understand their mentality. The symbolism and metaphor resonates with my own life experiences. I often use ambiguity to encourage readers / listeners to draw their own conclusions. Ancient scriptures cannot be translated verbatim without taking a completely different connotation. This is how religious extremists twist interpretation to suit their own ends.

My 'guarded responses' began at school when a hearing impairment caused me to guess what people were saying. At first I had asked people to repeat themselves when I hadn't heard but it irritated some and I was ridiculed for my disability by others. The thing was, I had merely guessed what people had said and sometimes got it embarrassingly wrong. It was then I started wording things carefully just in case I misheard or misunderstood. Relevance? Many ordinary ancient people would be very careful indeed how they spoke when a wrong word could mean death.

So what could the Mayans be referring to, what was significant about 2012. The obvious place to look was the sky but I also had to look at the sky in 3114 BC - the start of the calendar. It didn't take long to find a connection between the dates and a possible interpretation of the Mayan beliefs. I have mentioned the cycles of the Earth but there is also the cycle of our solar system around the Milky Way. Obviously one orbit of the Milky Way takes 250 million years so it couldn't be that.

When the solar system orbits the Milky Way it undulates on its way. The image shows an exaggerated view of the motion with the green line. The broken white line is how it would orbit if in line with the centre of the galaxy. Where the green line crosses the white line happens to be in 2012 and 3114 BC. This is the cycle the Mayan calendar refers to, but why?

This goes back again to the symbolism and metaphor. One result of this 'crossing over' is the changes in the night sky. It is a metaphorical end of the world and start of a new one which may be what the Mayans meant. I'm not saying that is absolutely the case but it beats the hell out of the other theory which is already proved wrong.

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