Friday, 13 January 2017


I understand hate, it has been no stranger to me over the years. Most people don't know what hate is. They think they do but it's like love, just a word bandied about with feigned vehemence or sincerity, until the word becomes impotent, meaningless. Sorry is another word that has lost credibility over the years, although it is a little different. The more you say you love someone, or hate something, the more likely you will be believed. The reverse is true with saying sorry.

For 11 years my life was quite normal (or at least I thought so), there were one or two issues but nothing that made me stand out from the crowd. I mention this to indicate I have a reference point in my life when things started to go awry. Many do not have this reference point and hate is all they know. I grew up hating, but not for those first eleven years. Nevertheless, just five years of trials and tribulations were enough to cause long-term problems. To have been brought up with hate from the beginning is a disturbing thought.

Hate is so hard to categorise because different kinds tend to overlap. Where did it all start and why? Scriptures will tell you it was due to a jealous rage between siblings. Not sure that constitutes hate though. How does the dictionary define hate, surely that will clear things up.

'hate n. a deep and emotional extreme dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviours, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostility'

So that would imply that hate is a psychological problem. People who hate are deeply disturbed individuals. This being the case then surely the problem can be rectified. Hate is of course irrational, it achieves nothing constructive. Some hate is perhaps justified or at least understandable, especially when someone has hurt you or someone close. It is still counter-productive in the long term. Other than that I can only think of two root causes of hate.

The first is programming, usually as a result of fear or insecurity. Parents, peers, even teachers and other adults can all sometimes unwittingly contribute to this programming. It could be a result of domestic violence, abuse, bullying, isolation, or simply the compulsion to belong to a group (perhaps for protection). Impressionable people are being fed propaganda by evil people with an agenda, It might wear the mask of racism, or hide under the cloak of religion, but it's the same animal.

It is doubtful those pulling the strings and inciting the hatred actually share the sentiment. It's just business to them, and hate is big business. So next we have the most widespread cause of hate ....greed! I have always stated categorically greed is the cause of all the problems in the world, but perhaps that's an ambiguous simplification. Others argue it is something else, religion, race, politics, whatever, but it all boils down to greed as a root cause. I see it like this:-

To find a possible root cause we need to have a look at apes. Like it or not, we are related, and as such are subject to the laws of nature. Similar species will display similar characteristic behaviour. Like our ancestors most apes lived in migratory social groups, they were hunter-gatherers, nomadic tribes of sorts. Our problems really began with agriculture. We were never meant to settle for long periods, evolution no doubt compensating for ever changing geology.

City states began to spring up as there was no longer need to migrate in search of food. Populations within these cities grew as more man-power was needed. There had to be adequate supplies of food to accommodate the masses. Then when the crops of one city state failed one year and people were starving.... war, religion, racism, slavery, murder, and greed all came into being. I suppose it could be argued hate was born out of self-preservation, the need to take food from another, to feed yourself or die.

Maybe, but I'm sticking to my guns, greed is the cause of hate. The world population growth is staggering, but Mother Nature will intervene at some point and wipe most of us out. Despite this population explosion we still (currently) have enough sustainable food to feed everyone on the planet, or we would if it was shared. Resources are the most obvious indicator of greed as the problem. It's one thing to fight for food and water in order to survive, perhaps even justifiable by virtue of animal instinct alone, but for 'non-essentials' it's quite something else.

However for millennia now the greed of despots, corrupt governments, and 'legitimate' ones too, have caused imbalances of such magnitude revolutions were (and still are) inevitable. Not only the uneven distribution of wealth, but the manipulation and deception deployed by some, and the oppression and murder used by others, to procure wealth and power. Governments put the wealth of the state above the state of the health of its own people. How could they then unselfishly help other nations / races / creeds. It is this selfish desire or greed that causes hate.

Now for the paradox. Although hate is directed towards another, it is in fact self-destructive. Hate is a slow, lingering, non-life. People can go through their whole lives hating. They waste so much time and energy they lose the ability to enjoy this once in a lifetime gift. I wasted a significant part of my life, don't waste yours!

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