Thursday, 12 January 2017

Endangered? You Kill Me

My blend of sarcasm with rational thought often gives people the wrong impression. This post was originally written a couple of years ago and lost me a few 'friends', so why not update it and see who gets upset this time. Probably not the wisest move but I'm not here for friendship, I'm just sharing thoughts. Take it or leave it.

What is with this 'endangered species' lark? Why the obsession? Extinction is a natural process. Of all life that has ever existed on this planet 95% is extinct. Should we be concerned a mere 5000+ species are on the endangered list? The bulk of these species are from Indonesia, Brazil and China. Some species in the rain forests, new to science, are being rendered extinct before they have even been named.
  • 11% of all birds are endangered. 
  • 20% of all reptiles are endangered. 
  • 25% of all mammals are endangered. 
  • 25% of all amphibians are endangered. 
  • 34% of all fish are endangered.
The fact we are largely responsible for the demise of thousands of species puts things into perspective. One thing though 'no crustacean is yet known to have become extinct by human activity'. Glad to hear it, let's pat ourselves on the back!

Not so lucky were these:- Dodo - Aurochs - Malagasy Elephant Bird - Malagasy Giant Lemur - Blue Antelope Mauritian Giant Tortoise - Stellers Sea Cow - Great Auk - Burchells Zebra - Spectacled Cormorant - Oregon Bison - Rat Kangaroo - Moa - Bali Tiger - Golden Bandicoot - Lesser Bitby - Japanese Wolf - Barbary Lion - Texas Red Wolf Martinique Muskrat & the Badlands Bighorn Sheep to name but a few.

Then there is also mass extinction (just ask the dinosaurs and species of middle-earth before them). Laughably, scientists harp on about 'mysterious' extinctions, homo sapiens neanderthalis being one of these, but neoteny is the key here as I will explain in another post. A lot is being done to preserve species by breeding in captivity and releasing them back into the wild, once repair has been effected on their habitats.

Commendable though this may be, I would argue about its plausibility. Just let them die out! Harsh? Before you go all hypocritical on me ask yourselves, how many of you thought about saving the Giant Pandas or Whales? Then ask would you think the same way about a species of insect or snake? Peoples ideas on what is endangered is blinkered by the 'cute' factor. What should be of more concern is how different species affect the ecosystems.

Take for instance the big cuddly looking Panda, what use are they? All they eat is eucalyptus and they're rubbish at procreation, but there would be uproar if they became extinct. Their existence though is entirely reliant on a species of gall wasp. Without this wasp there would be no eucalyptus trees and by consequence no more pandas. Despite this I see no campaigns to save the wasp. The other side of the coin is what sort of lives can some endangered species look forward to, in many cases extinction would be the kindest thing.

Now I'm all for saving the planet as no doubt are the majority of people - I would hope - but again we come back to this greed thing. Huge areas of rain-forest are being destroyed at an alarming rate for financial gain of those who already have more money than you could shake a stick at. There is a trend for the wealthy countries to grab as much of the world resources as possible before they run out. It's like Black Friday on a global basis.
"Hey world, I see you got some good shit there, gimme some ....then gimme some more or I'll steal it from your children"

I cannot express the revulsion I feel at this type of behaviour, a behaviour that governments all over the world are simulating.

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