Wednesday, 11 January 2017


When I tell people I voted for Brexit they automatically assume it is on the grounds of immigration. People somehow have it in their minds that to be pro-Brexit is racist. I think it's about time I shared my thoughts as I suspect many had a similar reason for wanting out of Europe. Here's the main reason....

The Decline of British Industry since the 1970's

  • Fishing Industry 9,000 jobs lost, only 8,000 now employed
  • Tin Mining 52,000 jobs lost, only 22,000 now employed
  • Transport Manufacturing 138,000 jobs lost, only 132,000 now employed
  • Farming 142,000 jobs lost, only 200,000 now employed
  • Coal Industry 158,000 jobs lost, only 17,000 now employed
  • Steel Industry 315,000 jobs lost, only 71,000 now employed
  • Car Manufacturing 333,000 jobs lost, only 162,000 now employed
  • Textiles 352,000 jobs lost due to cheap foreign imports

Then there is the Merchant Navy decimated by loopholes allowing British Companies to employ cheap poorly trained foreign seamen by registering in Liberia, Panama, or elsewhere similar. This is so they didn't have to meet the strict British Merchant Navy safety requirements, once again compromising safety for profit. Joining the EEC also had knock-on effects for Shipping and Forwarding, Freight Agents, etc.

British industry has been sold to foreign investors purely looking to make a quick buck. The government would argue it is cheaper to import coal, steel, etc. than to produce it ourselves, but I maintain this is a false economy. The industries should have been subsidised, it would have saved on benefit payments, policing and all manner of social unrest and deprivation.

The EU is no doubt on the face of it good for business..... for the privileged few. Brexit hurts the Tories and the wealthy most, but it also gives the downtrodden public new hope. Perhaps now we can re-invest in our industries. Instead of trying to compete with mass produced cheap imports we should go back to the thing Britain used to be known for..... quality. If our steel, cars, etc. are of a sufficient quality we will have no problem exporting.

Our fishing industry is restricted by other nations whose fishermen flout quotas and borders with no punishment whatsoever, yet our fishermen are having to throw back catches because they were too big or the wrong fish. I can't see that ever happening in France or Spain. I am all about fair play and to me, I do not see this happening in Europe. Perhaps our politicians put the wrong emphasis on things but it's hard to believe they would put self-interest above what is best for the nation as a whole.
It appears Europe is about to be plunged into a 'civil war' of sorts. The bigwigs in Europe have been too intent on business and have ignored the voice of the common people for too long. It's bound to bite them in the arse. Once again Britain will stand alone as Europe descends into chaos and anarchy. Governments will be overthrown and the revolutions that once plagued Europe will return.

So next time you hear a person voted for Brexit, don't throw the racism card into the mix, you are short-sighted fools who think you have the moral high ground. I know of other factions claiming to have a moral high ground and they burn people alive, dip them in acid, bake them in ovens and throw them off buildings. Right-wing groups will use this to gain support the same way Trump did.

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