Monday, 30 January 2017

Are Chocolate Bars Smaller?

Just one of the random thoughts that fuel my whimsy. They seem smaller than they used to be but perhaps that is just part of growing up. There is an advertisement from the government that sets alarm bells ringing. It is a way for families to buy their own homes. Thatcher did the same and people suffered for it. Worse, it pushed over the edge the families already fending off deprivation. It was a big con to allow a minority to strip the bones clean of the poor.

You see when Thatcher introduced this 'buy your own home' scheme, nobody could see what the Iron Bitch was going to do next. I remember as a child the excited buzz going around, the chance for everyone to make an Englishman's home his castle. Then came the redundancies, pay cuts, strikes, and lay-offs. Thatcher used this Tory ploy to suck the life-blood from the working man, to strip him of his dignity and trample him underfoot.

People who bought into this scheme saw their livelihoods taken away from them as the cancerous Thatcherism cut off non-profit making industry in favour of cheap foreign imports. Of course when the industries collapsed, the communities based around them died. Mass unemployment resulted in poverty and suddenly these thousands of decent working people, whom the government conned into buying their own houses, had no means to pay for them. Nor could they sell them, they were worthless without there being employment.

A few did well from it, buying up the repossessed houses for a snip and renting them out so as the tenants paid their mortgages. These 'developers' would have several houses and it was good business. Get rich off other people's money whilst doing little or nothing. It would be hard to chastise them for their greed though because the government were doing exactly the same thing. The problem with our government is unlike the transparency of other countries, they hide behind a facade of respectability. whilst oozing false integrity like slime off a hag-fish.

Now this ad, this echo from Thatcher. How many suckers will put themselves in the Tories' pockets this time. It will still end in misery and ironic it has suddenly materialised when another Conservative lady occupies number 10. I saw the results of the last time though I was just a kid. I saw a comfortable happy community turned into a warzone. It was the aftermath though. Families were torn apart and a new generation was born with nothing to look forward to. The government doesn't care as long as it balances books.

It's time the people had a voice, there were murmurings about Brexit because it will no doubt impact upon the wealthy, Then of course they will try to cover their stacks by bleeding the poor dry, shit never rolls uphill. They've got a shock coming though, the well is almost dry and next time they dip their fingers into the coffers all they'll find is a nest of angry scorpions.


Subsidise industry, get people off benefits.


Tax those who can afford it and close the loopholes exploited by amoral companies.

I could go on but just this short rant has ruined my day. Governments are elected by the people for the people, yet they serve the people by treating the world as a marketplace. They are so intent on showing how much wealth the country has accumulated they conveniently ignore the human cost and suffering laying in the wake.

It's time for politics to evolve or we're all doomed!

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